Shortly after blowing up Cyberdyne and preventing, or delaying, Judgment day, Sarah Connor and her son John returned to an undisclosed location in South America to avoid capture by the US Federal agents after them and to continue to prepare in case they hadn’t stopped it totally. They worked with a small group of survivalists, who they knew would be the core of the Resistance if things did go that way.

Despite their success at avoiding authorities, their story did get out among those who knew that without vigilance, the future could bring only evil. Eventually a woman found them, seeing that most of our group was male other than wives and daughters (who are as tough and prepared, but still auxiliary) talked Sarah into starting the The Sarah Connor Charm School, to use her Waitress-to-Warrior story to empower other women to become fighters too. While many such women have joined the group in South America, there are those who are keeping camps going in various secret locations throughout the Americas, and now beyond.

Linda Hamilton/Sarah ConnorThe women who do and have trained with the Sarah Connor Charm School come from a wide range of backgrounds. Some have previously been athletic, even warriors, others never imagined themselves to be. Some have even come from traumatic backgrounds, others had been victims to their own addictions, some just once thought that the world was a much safer place than it turned out to be, some lived lives of luxury and found it meaningless. Those already aware of their strength found a new purpose for it, those who never had any idea how strong they really were found that strength as well.

What is the SCCS?

  1. a physical feminist* (trans inclusive..sucks that needs to be pointed out, when we don’t really consider “feminists” who are transMISOGYNISTS to be feminists, but they insist on calling themselves that even though they are hostile to women who don’t fit their narrow definition) fan page for Linda Hamilton and the character of Sarah Connor, as portrayed by Linda Hamilton. We only focus on The Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgement Day and the upcoming Terminator 6:Whatevertheyfinallycallit. While Sarah remains a focus, this now also extends to the new characters of Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes) and Grace (Mackenzie Davis).
  2. a physical feminist fandom for “strong female characters” in other films, TV, books and other media. We want more women, more diverse women, being shown as strong, capable, heroes on screen! We also want more women behind the camera.
  3. a physical feminist celebration of women who fight back. And kids. And animals. We give out three awards Honorary Degrees for adult women and (non-binary folks, unless they would be uncomfortable with that), The John Connor Award for kids of all genders and Max’s First Line of Defense Award for all kinds of animals.
  4. a physical feminist fitness, martial arts, firearms, prepping and other interests that the character of Sarah Connor represents and has helped many find their way to. Interests which are considered “normally” to belong to cis-het white male, we are here to support those who are not cis-het white male find their way around. Firearms and prepping are also usually considered by many (from liberals to the far right) to be right-wing interests, but the truth is the actual left has always been involved, we’re another reminder of that. Uh, what part of trans-inclusive physical feminism made that unclear?
  5. a physical feminist art project which, where we celebrate our own journeys from “whatever to warrior” in photos and stories, somewhat fictionalized into the Terminator universe. This has not been updated for awhile, it’s been harder to maintain interest in this part since moving from mostly LiveJournal interaction to the far less interactive Facebook.
  6. a place to find warnings about the growth in the danger of killer robots. Uh, this sometimes becomes a bit more than was ever intended, but that’s because Sarah Connor was right!

Obviously, if any of the above triggered you then you are on the wrong site. There are a number of pages that are open to misogyny, transphobia, racism and other hate talk, you might be more comfortable there. The admins on our social media are in no way shy about instantly terminating anyone who brings that hate here.


Shortly after the film Terminator 2, The Sarah Connor Charm School was born, meant to simply be an ad in a Pagan parody ‘zine which never happened. The idea never completely died when the publication idea did, however, and over the years in evolved. Jokes about the Charm School in LiveJournal conversations led to people asking about T-shirts which led to Saigh making a “one time” order of shirts. Which led to the first photo shoot for the art project, which was awful and kind of went astray from Saigh’s initial idea to have it our actual life stories fictionalized. Which led to inviting other women to join the art project, which went much better. Which led to the website…and here we are.
*Physical Feminism is a term coined by Martha McCaughey in her book Real Knockouts: The Physical Feminism of Women’s Self-Defense, which we highly recommend.