Physical Feminism

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Self-Defense, martial arts and theories

Massad F. Ayoob,  The Truth About Self-Protection

Dr. Judith Fein,  Exploding the Myth of Self-Defense: A Survival Guide for Every Woman  (Dr. Fein’s books are the most practical for hand-to-hand here, but do not replace actual training)

Dr. Judith Fein,  Are You a Target: A Guide to Self-Protection and Personal Safety

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Movie Analysis

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Terminator Novels

Movie Adaptations:

Randall Frakes & William Wisher, The Terminator  (based on the original screenplay by James Cameron with Gale Anne Hurd)

Randall Frakes, Terminator 2: Judgment Day (based on the original screen play by James Cameron & William Wisher)

Licensed Novels:

While these may not be perfect, they do show Sarah as strong and savvy.

Russell Blackford, Terminator 2: The New John Connor Chronicles -Dark Futures (Book 1), An Evil Hour (Book 2) and Times of Trouble (Book 3)

S.M. Stirling, Terminator 2: Infiltrator (Book 1), Rising Storm (Book 2), and Future War (Book3)

Mark W. Tiedemann, Terminator 2: Hour of the Wolf (sequel to Blackford’s novels)