First Line of Defense

Sarah and MaxSarah Connor: “I was dreaming about dogs”
Kyle Reese: “We use them to spot Terminators.”

The Terminator

Linda Hamilton hosted a brunch for Ken-Mar Rescue in Malibu, CA on March 26, 2011.  Here is a video of Linda talking welcoming folks and one here of an overview of the event. Please consider donating. If you are in the area, perhaps this rescue is an option for adoption for you too. If not please do adopt if a dog or other pet is in your future!

As Linda says, so rightly, “they rescue us.” Even when there are no Terminators around.

Please check out Max’s First Line of Defense Heroes page to meet some life-saving heroic animals!

Brandy –Click to meet SiegeRat’s First Line of Defense

Kyle Reese told Sarah that dogs were used in his time to tell if a Terminator was attempting to infiltrate. Sarah obviously took it to heart as she drove into he desert with a German Shepherd as The Terminator ends and John still has the dog, Max, who sadly is killed, in Terminator 2. This isn’t surprising to any dog people among us as dogs do have more sense than we usually do in telling when someone or something isn’t quite right. So the Sarah Connor Charm School has a diverse K9 training unit, offering basic training for those just looking for a companion to give them warning about any Terminators, Aliens or zombies that might be entering their territory to those looking for full protection animals, search and rescue dogs and various other duties we might need help in.

Many of our students keep their animals as companions and guardians without further training. Others are involved in Shutzhund or Search and

Cats are especially keen in warning off those they know have no business being near us

Rescue. Of course, some participate in events not associated with our preparation, but do help create a strong and positive bond between warrior and companion. Only positive training methods are approved by the Sarah Connor Charm School, if for no other reason but you do want your animal to not consider that leaving you to the mercy of the Terminators without warning is in her or his best interest.

Positive  training methods create a positive bond. Cruel methods, methods that do not acknowledge the animal’s natural ways, do not create a bond and can destroy any communication.

Thistle's Pepino
Pepino —click to meet him and Nimue the watch cat, Thistle’s First Line of Defense

Size does not matter and while dogs were the animals we know for sure were helpful in Reese’s future, we are well aware that all animals are about spotting the “unnatural” so those of us not “dog people” or who want a variety of animals around us, have many options. Cats, ferrets, rabbits, gerbils, rats, even pet birds may be excellent early warning companions. Horses as well, although as most of us do not live with horses in our homes, some might find a smaller back up is needed when we’re not out with them.

One danger we do all have to face is that some of our animals,  whether trained in attack or not, may be determined to fight off the Terminators. This may lead to a great loss for those of us left behi

Lur the Rabbit — read his story and meet the Patrol Pigs , Leave’s First Line

nd. If possible we do try to include training to run after warning, but it may not be in the nature of all our companions to do so.

The Sarah Connor Charm School highly  recommends that all companion animals of any species be adopted. You’ll never have a more faithful companion than one you gave a second chance to. You will find links and a search widget here to Petfinder where, if you are looking, you can find adoptable pets in your area. Remember that even if you are seeking a purebred, for what ever reason, you will find that there are those looking desperately for homes. If for any reason you feel you must buy a pet instead of adopting, do not buy from a pet shop or other outlet for puppy mills or from irresponsible backyard breeders who thought “Trixie would make a cute mommy” but only from a responsible breeder. But, seriously, adoption is the best option.

Saorsa takes a stand
Meet Saigh’s Saorsa and her other Beasts

Pet Adoption