The SCCS Guide to Sarah Connor Cosplay

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Or just dressing like Sarah Connor

by Saigh

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I don’t cosplay. Well, I’ve been to all of one con, and I suppose you could say I cosplayed the dean of The Sarah Connor Charm School. Which I do pretty much every day, one way or another.

Me, in 2003?
Probably in 2003

But I can say that my look is influenced by Linda Hamilton’s T2 appearance, although aspects like all black clothing, combat boots and such was there already. I preferred cut up band or event T-shirts when younger and, you know, I went to concerts and events, so most of those are worn out or put aside so they don’t wear out completely. I fell in love with BDUs, until I discovered tactical pants with even more pockets (my faves, which will likely replace all the others as they need it, have 14 pockets! pockets!!) And a better fit. And I probably would have discovered those eventually, as my spouse is an EMT.  With my tattoos, piercings and Celtic jewelry, I’d say my look is really more my not-completely-historically-accurate idea of an early Irish warrior dropped into our time. But my base is still black or grey jersey type shirts with various sleeve lengths

Me with dogs Gleann and Grainne.
Summer 2016

depending on weather, black tactical pants and combat boots. Add in a leather jacket with a tartan scarf and chain mail. You might say I dress more like a mash up of Sarah Connor and Linda’s Lost Girl character Acacia.

As a prepper, this is a matter of both aesthetic and practicality. This also gives me a different perspective on the clothing and gear involved than some might have. And an interest in the possible differences of screen accuracy and actual real life authenticity. These don’t always match, as James Cameron might be a weapons nut, he’s obviously not a prepper and, yeah, somethings don’t work on screen the way they do in real life and vice versa.

Late fall 2016, cooler weather

Obviously, how accurate anyone wants to be for cosplay is a personal choice. And also based on if you are doing a casual, one time, Halloween costume or a serious professional cosplay or something in between. I’m the sort would would probably go for as screen accurate as possible, even if I were just doing a one time costume…but then I wear most of this stuff.  But I think that even if you’re not going for strictly accurate, having a close look at these items can help give an idea of what to go for and work with. One of the reasons I did this, for both T2 and the 2019 movie, is that I have seen some really confused “Sarah Connor cosplay” tutorials when it comes to what she’s wearing is in the real world.  I think it’s best to start with what is what, both on screen and real world.

What I’ve done with this is consider if Sarah really would have worn it based on my understanding of the item and I know opinions on that might vary. This becomes mostly an issue with her Terminator 2 boots, actually. I also say if I would or do wear, have or carry and why. And then suggestions for cosplay, which, again, varies with how accurate you want to get.

I’m going to skip The Terminator Sarah at least for now, although I do love Henley shirts during the colder months, but in black. And I didn’t wear women’s jeans in the ’80s, they tended to have a very high rise that with my short waist came up to my ribs. So I would wear men’s, instead. So I have no idea where to start looking for the brand that she was wearing. And, obviously, there are no other movies or TV shows that even exist as far as we’re concerned. ;p