Blackbird – SCCS Student

Growing up with two brothers I was a serious tomboy always in competition with them. I have loved to wrestle and always considered myselfBlackbird at heavy bag strong and ready to fight when needed. I always played hard and reveled in my bruises and cuts as if they were trophies of my physical accomplishments. I never let anyone, particularly men, tell me what I could and couldn’t do (and even to this day tend to “wear the pants” in my relationships). I was the protector of my friends and family and I was the girl you didn’t “fuck with.” As times went on I realized all of these things have been part of my journey as a warrior.

Sarah has shown me that despite society telling me that such actions for a female were wrong, that there is nothing wrong with being a tough woman. She has inspired me to continue on this path by adding to my repertoire. When I met her I saw someone who never let her situation get in the way of preparation. I’m slowly learning survival techniques that relate to many different scenarios and climates. I’m learning various techniques in martial arts for hand to hand and plan to spar as often as possible so that I will be fully ready for any physical altercation that I may have to face down be it human or cyborg. I’m adding to my range of weapons knowledge and conditioning my body in hopes that I will survive the initial Skynet revolt being able to fight in the Resistance.

Blackbird at range
Like Sarah, I have a son that will do great things in this world if I can prepare him for any dangers he may face. She has inspired me to take my son under my wing and not just be a mother and protector, but an educator in things most schools would never teach. One day he will lead others to see past their grim despair and push through to succeed in any mission they deem necessary. My son is a big part of my world and his presence in my life keeps me going when things seem hopeless. Through him all things are possible.

As Sarah has spent her life in preparation for an outcome she hopes will never happen, I too hope and pray that my skills will never have to be put to use, but know that if they are tested I can stand my ground and face the future.

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