Skullarix – SCCS Student

When I was a child I always lived in a rural ranch setting. Work had to be done and you had Skullarixto be strong enough to do it. My father wasn’t well and as he grew older many times day to day chores fell to me to do. I did them with out the though of, “I’m not strong enough.”

I was always the odd woman out, in school I wasn’t accepted by my peers as I was a tomboy. Even the self proclaimed “tomboy” was someone I couldn’t identify with. As a result I was sullen and shy.

Through the study martial arts, archaic sword fighting, archery and fencing I found my voice. I took myself to the gym on a daily basis in secret because this was something my family Skullarix in fieldfrowned upon.

I moved to the city and I tried to fit in but I never could. I was always on the fringe of society it seemed. With Sarah’s help I have now embraced my differences. I have cultivated them and accepted that my attitudes make me strong and a member of the Resistance.

Siempre Como Culebra!

Skullarix shooting 1

Skullarix shooting 2

Skullarix gun cleaning

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