Record Keeper -SCCS Staff and Student

“I was too young when I first met Sarah Connor to fully realize the impact her story would have on my life. It wasn’t until I met her again at a really vulnerable time in my life that I understood Sarah Connor and her story. Placeholder for the shy and paranoid

Sarah gave me the strength to pick myself up from the rock bottom that I was at and work on my courage, my body, and my survival skills. She made me understand that I can be like her, that women can be strong physically and mentally, and that it was okay to be a prepper. In the last couple of years, I fell sick and the physical side of my discipline has slipped but lately I have gotten back up on the horse and am now slowly trying to go back to the level I was at before I was sick. It is still because of Sarah Connor that I am able to do that. She and her followers inspire me.

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