Sarah Connor’s Bio

Sarah Connor from TerminatorIn 1984, I was a waitress attending a community college, with absolutely no direction. I had no plans, no ambition and I just went through my day trying to not feel like a total mouse next to my roommate. Then I discovered that someone was killing women with my name, going through the phone book and I was next.

The next twenty-four hours or so are a blur, it seems like they went by in about 108 minutes. The killer came after me, while I waited for the police to come get me. A man, Kyle Reese, came to my rescue, got me away but he was telling me crazy shitKyle Reese about my son being the savior of the human race after the machines took over, thanks to a computer called Skynet made by Cyberdyne. And that the killer WAS a machine called a Terminator. I knew it was insane, but then he did get up after being shot….

The police caught up with us, the killer who had been chasing us still had disappeared. I thought I was safe, while grief stricken over the murders of my roommate and her boyfriend. But the killer came to the police station and killed most of the officers, the “lunatic” again saved me.

I began to believe. I fell in love with him, yes, I know it was quick. He died so that I could live and I managed to destroy the machine. My life was shattered, so many in it were dead, including my mother, due to this machine.

Polaroid of SarahI realized that if my son was going to fulfill his destiny I had to be able to teach him. Going south of the border I found survivalists to learn from, I had my baby, I raised him in various locations always learning, always getting stronger, smarter, more prepared.

I kept thinking about what my beloved Kyle had said at one point. That “the future is not set, there is no fate but what we make.” So I went about trying to learn how the war with the machines got started.

Reese, Silberman I thad a lead about a computer factory, but my attempt o blow it up led me to get shot and arrested. I got to play with the same doctor that Kyle had to deal with when he was arrested 10 years before. My son was found and put into foster care. Another, more advanced Terminator was sent to kill him while I was locked up.

Sarah, SilbermanThe Resistance sent, of all things, yet another Terminator, the same make and model that tried to kill me, to protect him. He was reprogrammed, but when they came while I was escaping from the psych prison I had trouble trusting him after all I’d been through before. We first were going to go back to some of my colleagues in Central and South America, but I remembered Kyle’s words again and was determined I WOULD keep my son from having to live through Judgment Day.

I nearly killed the Miles Dyson who was to create Skynet, having nearly lost all sense of the value of human life. I stopped myself just before John and the Terminator arrived. Dyson was horrified by what he was going to do, he helped us go in to destroy all his work. The police shot him, but of course I have been blamed for his death. He Sarah, heading outbravely stayed behind to let us get out before detonating the explosives. We finally destroyed the T-1000 Terminator after us, the other one had me destroy him so that his components couldn’t someday be found and used to start it all over again.

We succeeded at making our own fate at least for awhile, although now who knows what the future will bring. However, we were being pursued as terrorists for this because no one understands we saved their asses. At least for awhile, as I said. We made our way down to South America.

Then strange things began to happen. There were rumors that I died right after the date that Judgment Day would have happened if we hadn’t blown up Dyson’s work at Cyberdyne. That my son became a whiny loser roaming the US and that he came to believe that Judgment Day came and was in hiding. We wondered if this was a plot by the Feds to get us out of hiding, but it made little sense. I mean, them believing this could only help us.

Now it seems that people think that we’ve both became skinny, whiny losers who then time traveled to this time, as John and Sarahour younger selves. That we’d lost all survival intelligence, that we stayed in the US, that we’d have used my beloved Kyle’s name as an alias (how STUPID! my records certainly name him! I never have and never would use his name as an alias), that my taste in men declined severely. Again, is this some strange plot to get us out of hiding?

If it is, then I know that we only managed to delay things. I actually think that the Feds are more intelligent than this, it must be Skynet’s warped concepts of how humans are. Anyway, if anyone thinks these two are us, then that’s their problem. We’re still prepared, we’re still strong and the names we use are not going to be easily figured out.