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Skylar survived taking four bullets to save his person from armed robber *NEW*

Lucy protected lost 4-year old girl for two days in the woods *NEW*

Blind, deaf 17 year-old Max stayed with lost 3 year- old girl and then led grandmother to her

Buddy stayed and protected 3 year-old child lost in woods until they were found

Camie saved two women who were bound and being beaten by a domestic abuser

Patsy moved her sheep to safety while her person fought to keep wall of flame at bay

Detection dog Bear finds live Koala that need rescue from the Australian wildfires

Bella alerted her people that their elderly neighbor had fallen outside her home in freezing temperatures

Stray dog, now named Serenity and recently adopted, was found curled up keeping orphaned kittens warm 

Wilson, assisted by packmate Maddie, showed Tammy Stevens where the lost child they were searching for was (see Honorary Degrees for Stevens’ and below in for horse Bo’s listings)

Rescued dog Nellie saved her foster mom from a rattlesnake As of 12/2/19 Nellie is still looking for a forever home near Georgetown Texas

Max saved teenager from a 60 ft. drop from cliff

Sadie broke out of her house to lead police to save her person and home from gas leak

Rascal lost her life fighting a bear to save her person

Loukanikos and other Riot Dogs joined protests in Greece

Chloe, Roxy and Bubba keep injured woman alive in the woods for two nights

Malcolm saved his family, who had rescued him from “death-row,” from a fire on Christmas morning

Petey gave his life to save his family from a gunman

Indiana stayed and cared for with his person after she fell down the mountain side until help arrived

Tino saved Puppy who had been missing for two days and trapped in mud

Sasha alerted her family to a house fire and started to remove infant from the house

Fat Heath stayed with lost 3 year-old toddler over night until she was found 

Nanook found injured deaf hiker who had fallen then pulled her out of river when current took her 

Gotti, only 5 months-old, broke out of his cage to defend his person from attacker 

Storm rescued a drowning fawn

Rex took three bullets and a beating to save teenager from armed intruder

Rocky saved pregnant woman and her partner from four intruders

Kelsey kept her fallen person from freezing until help arrived

TeddyTeddy rescued 5 year-old child trapped in dryer, he had previously alerted the family to a fire started by a phone charger 

Che barked to alert neighbors that his house was on fire, was found unconscious on top of his person protecting her

Unnamed dog spent two days protecting another dog who was trapped on railroad tracks

Jacques leads cop to where his sister Annabelle had fallen down wooded embankment and gotten stuck

Banjo watched over lost toddler and alerted rescuers to their location

Lilly was hit by train when she pulled her person off the tracks

Felony was wounded protecting his person from being shot

U.S. Military Dog Layka was shot four times and lost a leg defending soldiers, one of whom adopted her.

Polo gave his life shielding a baby from a house fire

Stray dog, now named Hero, was stabbed 5 times saving woman from an attacker

Abby saved person from carbon monoxide poisoning

Shiloh saved toddler from copperhead snake

Haus saved child from rattlesnake

Unnamed dog broke glass to get help for person collapsed in house

Found on a doorstep, rescued Rocky now helps his person through depression and anxiety

Killer and Venom are among several dogs being used to stop poaching in South Africa

Posthumous -K-9 Jethro was shot in the line of duty

Posthumous – K-9 Krijger was shot in line of duty

Kenai saved life of injured Bald Eagle

Dog stopped a sexual assault of a child

Gizmo saved girl whose bed caught on fire

Jedi saved his young charge when the boy’s blood glucose monitors failed to alert

Maxx lead firefighters to children trapped in burning house

Max stayed with teenager lost in woods

Ginny rescued around 900 stray cats with her adopted person

Precious stayed with her person who was injured in a fire, she was then confiscated due to Breed Specific Law. She is looking for new home

Molly saved her dogsitter from bugler

Leala saved 2 year-old child who as face down in the water

K9 Bloodhound Copper saved kidnapped child

Poppy took care of 2 year-old child when she wandered off

Lucy died defending her person from a domestic attackKiko

Kiko took a bullet in the head to save his person, ended up in shelter as a deaf senior – UPDATE:  Kico was adopted!       

Benji Warned his person that someone was breaking into their home  (his person is an Honorary Degree holder and was on Over My Dead Body Episode 10)

Geo stopped his person from committing suicide  Geo was found to have an aggressive tumor and his person is trying to save his hero

Stray Dog defended woman being harassed by several men. The woman returned to Crete to bring the dog, now named Pepper, home to Cornwall

K-9 Medo found missing 2 year-old

Rambo was killed by a lightening bolt, saved his person

Service Dog Yolanda dialed 911, for the second time, this time saving her person from a house fire

Chief, Chloe, Mack and Idget saved their 3 year-old child from a bear

A dog saved another dog who had been buried alive

Leia rescued stranded porpoise (misidentified as a baby dolphin)

Her dog saved a 14 year-old girl from an attacker

Service dog Bigo jumped in front of school bus to save his blind person

Chance saved two other Pit Bulls  being forced to fight

Max gave his life to save his person from a bear

Ember  woke up her 10 year-old person’s parents and brought them to him when the boy had a seizure

Sadie defended her family from a burglar

Sako stayed and defended his person from predators after the man was injured and in shock after their car went over an embankment into the woods

Levi saved his 89 year-old neighbor who had fallen

Dixie save her newly adopted person from car jacker

Six month-old Guinness protected foster-family from rattlesnake, he survived and was adopted by them

Dicon survived stabbing while defending his person from thief

Isis and JaimieIsis saved her person from abuser only to be threatened by breed-specific-law  (UPDATE: They were able to relocate. The town has now altered, but not completely lifted the ban)

Andy saved elderly neighbor who had fallen in snow

Leo saved his person from heart attack

Stray dog, now named Hero, leads rescuers to mother dog and her puppies

Nico saved two people caught in riptide

A woman’s dog saved her from a rape attempt

Lexi saved her choking person

John Boy led police officer to his unconcious person

Legend took two bullets saving his people from intruders

Jax, K-9 training drop out, captured a thief

Ralph went after bear that had attacked his teenage girl

Sassy bit man who attempted to abduct her 12 year-old girl

Blind Norman saves 14 year-old girl from drowning

Amber tracked down missing 9 year-old boy

Puppy Bentley saved her canine sister hunter from drowning by getting help

Mack saved his person from bizarre  coywolf attack

K-9 Jax found missing toddler in woods

Uno saved his family from a fire

Hurricane and Jordan were the dogs who caught a fence jumper at the White House

Noah died taking protecting children from a shooter

Hachi survived gunshot saving his person from armed robbery

Hero puppyNaida protected 3 year-old girl lost in the wilderness then returned to lead rescuers to the child  UPDATE: A statue now honors the pair

Buddy went out to lead State Troopers to location of fire

Araya saved her family from an arson fire

Calie saved her person from house fire

Sabrina saved her person from cancer, twice

Former street dog Canelo rescued his person after her car went off a cliff

Ruby Rae lead her person to abandoned newborn baby.

Unnamed Labrador found abandoned newborn baby.

Lila led drivers to her unconscious person.

Police K-9 Maverick saved lost boy who was stuck in fast moving creek.

Roxanne saved her family from fire.

Jack saved his blind person from fire.

Ace saved deaf boy and his family from fire.

Cooper protected and kept warm his lost 3 year-old charge.

Clobberhead saved not only new owner but possibly several neighbors from gas leak

Amber protected her owner through an Alaskan winter night after a snowmobile crash and then found rescuers.

Sparky took rope out to save his person, who fell in trying to save him, from icy lake.

Max saved elderly owner from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Charlie survived being shot twice, losing a leg, saving her family from intruder.  (North Central Shelter Intervention Program ran a successful fundraiser for her surgery)

Bella ran into traffic to find help for her person who had been stabbed saving him.

Lucy, also injured, went for help when her person is incapacitated by the car that hit them (The MSPCA is doing fund raising to pay for Lucy’s surgery and to help other animals in need)

Guide Dog Orlando saved his charge when he fell in front of train (donations made to Guiding Eyes for the Blind are allowing them to stay together after Orlando retires, please consider that there is always a need)

Mercey defended her person even after being severely slashed with a machete

Juneau got help for her person when he was severely injured falling into a ravine.

Twist detected her person’s cancer and is now a therapy dog as well.

9 month old Pit Bull Onyx saved his family from a house fire, suffering burns which he is still receiving treatment for (Onyx’s Facebook page)

Guide Dog Simon gave his life to save a 4 year-old boy from being hit by a car

“Unprotective” Greyhound Jemmy chased intruder from house

Killian informed his people that the babysitter was abusing their baby

Guide Dog Jet pushed baby stroller out of the path of an out-of-control car

Bradley the Dachshund gave his life to protect men from mama bear

Kesha saves toddlers  intruders put in water drum

Unnamed Pitbull prevented armed intruders from kidnapping baby

Lefty took a bullet to save her family from home intruders, survived but lost right foreleg

Sasha saved a 4 year-old girl from drowning

Stray dog pulled woman from car accident, is later adopted by a search and rescue trainer and named “Hero”

Star and Storm dragged their people to a car accident a mile away to save woman

Duke saved the infant daughter of the people who rescued him

Midi saved her 13 year-old girl from an attacker

Foster dog Chloe saved her fosterer’s life when he has a heart attack

Pack of street dogs cane to the rescue of a 12 year-old from being raped in Argentina.

Shakira saved her people from a rattlesnake.

Titan saved his human grandma’s life  twice

Judy was a war hero with many accomplishments. A ship mascot with the British Royal Navy, she was known for alerting to aircraft. She found water when she and her crew-mates were shipwrecked on a small island. She was the only animal registered as a prisoner of war in WWII, kept up moral and was part of an escape. When that ship was wrecked she brought flotsam to sailors to save them from drowning and eventually found her crew-mates at their new prison camp.

Elderly Chip saved his new family from a gas leak

Kabang threw herself in front of a motorcycle to save her two little girls, severely damaging her snout (censored image). She has since received reconstructive surgery and is going home to the Philippines (graphic image).

Pui found a newborn baby at a dump site leading to the baby’s rescue
Susie was found guarding a person who lost their life in the Moore, OK tornado, she was far from home and later reunited with her person

Chilly saved his adopted person from a potentially anaphylactic shock

Louie chased off a home invader who sprayed a woman and her 1 year-old sun with pepper spray

Vicious fought off a cougar to save her person and her puppies

Bella pulled her injured person out of a house fire

Snickers broke out of house to get help for his unconscious person

Hector alerts family to a fire and leads the four children out safely

Miniature Schnauzer, Oreo, warns people of armed stalker hiding the house

Stray dog keeps 7 year-old boy who was also trapped trying to save him alive for 3 Days in freezing temperatures (see the John Connor Award)Adopted dog saved teenager from attack

Teenager adopts rescue dog, he saves her from a rapist two months later

Baby the Pit Bull saves her two people from a fire, goes back in to save the other five dogs

Geo the Hero, when he and his family were walking a truck was bearing down on the 10 year-old boy, Geo pushed the boy out of the way and was struck himself. He survived and is now recovering from his injuries.

Doberman Khan saves toddler from poisonous snake

Bear rescues 14 month old toddler from drowning

Czaruś kept 3 year-old girl alive in freezing temperatures

Unnamed Pit Bull protected 3 year-old boy

Sugar kept 2 year-old boy safe

Baster and Bella kept 6 year-old boy safe

Dasher protected 2 year-old boy in bushland

Blue took care of 3 year-old girl

Nitro, Bruno and Missy kept 4 year-old safe

Pit Bull Creature takes owner to lost elderly womanMorgan

With the passing on July 25, 2011 of Morgan, one of the first cadaver dogs at Ground Zero, we wish to remember her, her K9 partner Molly who passed 2005 and all the K9 heroes who worked along side the human heroes after this horrible event. And all the dogs who do this difficult duty to help grieving families.

Target, on right, with Rufus(Unfortunately, the link is no longer active)

Some heroes are lost by the most tragic means. which don’t even relate to their heroics  One was Target, a former stray who along with dogs named Rufus and Sasha, the latter dying in the effort, saved 50 soldiers from, an explosion. She was brought back to live with one of those soldiers, Sgt. Terry Young and his family. She got out on Thanksgiving and ended up in a shelter, just moments before Sgt. Young arrived to pick her up she was killed by a worker there.

That such a tragedy could happen to a dog that saved the lives of our soldiers is unconscionable. We must always honor those who serve, including those on four legs. Let her death lead to reform. And please, support no-kill shelters, and if you are looking for a pet, remember the greatest heroes are often desperately looking for a home. Adopt, don’t buy!

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Bo steadfastly aided Tammy Stevens and dogs Wilson and Maddie in finding a lost child (see Honorary Degrees for Stevens’ and above for Wilson and Maddie’s listings)

Moonshine saved man pinned to ground by lawn mower

Mare lead a herd of horses to safety through flood waters

Unnamed horse saved her/his rider from a attacker

Tonk and Erin BolsterKerry saved her person from an angry mama cow

Sgt. Reckless – a Mongolian mare who served the US Marines in the Korean War

Tonk and His Rider Honorary Degree holder Erin Bolster took on  bear to save a child (see the Honorary Degrees)


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Theo saved his person’s life from a blood clot by refusing to let her fall asleep util EMS arrived 

Binky attacked intruder attempting to enter house though a window

Blake saved man who adopted him from a severe seizure

Tony saved his person and Corgie from a house fire

Cat took stray bullet, saving 3 year-old child

Saffie got help for her person when she collapsed  (The paper boy who realized what the cat was doing was awarded a John Connor Award)

Pretzel went to get landlady when her apartment was being burgled

Marsha kept abandoned baby warm then alerted one of her caregivers

AlaskaSully saved her person from a house fire.

Cat chased dog who grabbed 4 year-old child (we honor the cat here, but note that this happened not by the dog’s fault but  several counts of human error)

Koshka rescued in Afghanistan by a soldier prevented the soldier from committing suicide

14 week-old Alaska saved family from house fire

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Other Animals

Dumplin the Pig stopped a break-in in his home

Wild Eagles take down mining drones on their own

Eagles are being trained to take down drones

Lions saved a 12 year-old girl from kidnappers

African Giant Pouched Rats sniff out landmines Landmine sniffing rat

Shooter the Elk saved a drowning Marmot from his water tank

Mama Kangaroo took down drone to defend her joey

A monkey revived another monkey who had been electrocuted


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