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National Women’s Martial Arts Federation Certified Self-Defense Instructor List – US, Canada and Trinadad listings

Prevention Action Change – Maine

Association for Women’s Self-Defense Advancement

Not Today – Pacific NorthWest

Firearms Training

AWARE Home Page
Defensive weapons training for women in Massachusetts

Operation Blazing Sword
Grass-roots organization for LGBTQ people who wish to learn armed self-defense with a database of instructors across the US

Paxton Qugley’s Hompage
Foremost spokeswoman for guns as self-defense for women

Women and Guns Magazine
Keep up on recent issues and join the forum

Lethal Force Institute – Massad Ayoob
In New Hampshire, but classes in other states too

Survival Sites

Survival Blog

Bug-Out/Jump/Go Kits

Graduates’ and Students’ sites

Scarlet Letters from the Literary UnderworldThe Literary UnderworldCultureGeek
Elizabeth Donald is a Charm School grad and a writer who knows how to write strong female characters in Culture Geek she writes on pop-culture often focused on strong women.

Scáth na Feannóige (Shadow of the Hooded Crow) –  Play to Strength Personal Training
The Hooded Crow site is where Saigh shares about subjects such as the Gaelic War Goddesses, the warrior path (fénnidecht) and physical feminism.  Nurturing Strength is her fitness business.

Linda Hamilton/Sarah Connor

Linda Hamilton Fan Club FaceBook Page
“Your No.1 Source of Linda Hamilton Information™”

Linda Hamilton FaceBook Page
A fan run page